Charlottesville Wedding Rentals & Décor: What’s On-Trend in 2023

Charlottesville Wedding Rentals & Décor: What’s On-Trend in 2023
Photography by Ashley Cox

Couples are shaping their own lounge scenes and elevating guest experiences in fresh and creative ways.

We sat down with Paisley & Jade co-owner Perkins Morgan to talk about what she’s seeing for the 2023 wedding season. Paisley & Jade is a boutique-style rental company and prop house specializing in one-of-a-kind furniture and décor. Here’s what the specialty rental company is forecasting for summer 2023:

Bright Hues

We are really seeing a fun trend in a mix of bright and muted colors making a comeback. For the past few years, neutral lounge areas and decor were really popular, but we are seeing a fun risk with bright colors or pops of color families up against a neutral base.

Maximalism Decor

Although timeless simplicity and minimalistic design will always be beautiful, we are seeing more of a fun risk with maximalism decor and colors (especially citrus colors) in event design for 2023.

Long Weekends

I think the welcome party has become a real focus for 2023 wedding weekends. Rather than just one day of celebration, clients are really making long full weekends with welcome parties, day-of festivities and day-after brunches with their event design carried through each day.

Elegant Lighting

We are noticing a trend in intimate lighting design with hanging lamp shades or tabletop lamps. We were really excited to bring freestanding arched pendant holders that hold chandeliers over bars, lounge areas, and head tables into our rental collection.

Mod + Moody

For lounge areas, everything from bright citrus tones like yellows, oranges and pinks are in demand along with the contract of moody dark velvet upholstery with more modern lines to them.

Leveled-Up Seating

Lastly, there is a notable trend of clients upgrading chairs. Whether it's ceremony seating or reception seating, we are noticing the trend of fewer farm tables and more beautiful linens on long-style seating paired with a statement chair.

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